Owens Photo: Chad Muska & Brooklyn Projects Mini Ramp Video

Brooklyn Projects in LA built a sick little mini-ramp in 2004 behind their shop on Melrose that was tightly tucked away in the alley. Our Skateboarder offices used to be just a few blocks away from it, so Meza and I would go and session it when we could. This day was really cool because we got to skate with Chad Muska. Chad was deep in the Hollywood scene during this time, so a Muska sighting was very rare and a skate session with him even more rare. I was even lucky enough to snag this photo of his backside nosepick before the end of the session. It’s the only photo I have of this fun, janky ramp and it’s has The Muska in it. So stoked. Check out a little video below the photo.--Jaime Owens

Here’s a little video I made of one of the sessions we had on this bad boy featuring Mike Carroll, Scott Johnston, Aaron Meza and Lance Dawes. Even more legends to be lucky to skate with. (I know the lense is dirty, so bite me.)