Owens Photo: Dolan Stearns 2012

Here’s Dolan Stearns floating a huge frontside 180 over the fence at Patrick Henry High School in San Diego from January 2012. This was the first and only time I’ve ever shot with Dolan. He’s a rad skater and nice dude. It had been a while since I’d hit the streets so I was hyped to get out and shoot such a gnarly trick. After being towed into this spot by a motorcycle, it only took him a few tries to land the frontside 180. Then Dolan started trying backside 180 which was even more ridiculous and he was getting it over the fence but of course a cop came and kicked us out. Oh well, maybe I need to call him up and go give the backside 180 another try. Good stuff Dolan—Jaime Owens

Here’s some footage of Dolan ripping it up below.