Owens Photo: Pat Rakestraw 2004

Pat Rakestraw was a North Cacka transplant to the SoCal skate scene. Me being from South Cacka meant we hit off right away and skated a lot together during the early 2000s. I always liked how Pat skated a little bit different from everyone at the time and really worked for it. I’m not sure what happened to Pat or why he split town. I’ve heard that he’s back in North Carolina doing his thing. I hope he is doing well and hope to skate with him again in the future. And check back every Thursday for more of my flicks.—Jaime Owens

This is probably one of my favorite portraits I’ve ever shot. It was done at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown L.A. and it’s all natural light and the colors just came out great. Pat just looks so tough in this photo.

Gap out to backside grind with a head high drop. So gnar.

Backside Smith grind

This was one of the first pole jams over a gap I’d seen anybody do. Pat put the pole there and immediately took it out after this make because this was a hot gap for minute.

Pat going up the handrail before it was cool to go upstream.

Here’s two video parts of Pat to give you taste of his skating if you don’t know.