Owens Photo: Tampa Pro 2013

Tampa is always a blast. Here’s just a small photo recap of the skating and nightlife that ensued. I always wished that I had shot more photos, but here’s some fun ones featuring Eric Koston, Grant Taylor, Jeff Grosso, Christian Hosoi, Ishod Wair, Darren Navarette and more. —Jaime Owens

Got in late Thursday night and Koston was already killing it. The man can just eat pizza and people get hyped.

Grant Taylor flying higher than everyone else.

Yep, he looks cool just pushing.

It’s a make.

Smith grinds, so hot through the corner. So hot. Justin Strubing, Justin Brock, Evan Smith and Ishod Wair killing it.

Holmes! Frontside ollie


Did you know that Chany Jeanguenin could rip on vert too?

Pysched to finally get a shot of Navarette.

Remillard always rips. Giant stalefish on a Jason Jessee board for fun.

Max skates vert different than anybody else. It’s so sick to watch his frontside ollie (sidenote: he ollies out of his Smith grinds.)

Grant Taylor’s dad Thomas got in on the action.

Brian Schaefer took a break from announcing and was blasting.

My favorite skate shots from the weekend. Grosso and Navs getting inverted. I wish they had really done a doubles one.

That’s a lot of people.

Oh yeah, there was a street contest. Luan won.

After the contest, time to hit the streets of Ybor. Rob Brink and Skateboarder’s Roger Bagley tag teaming.

Rog gets run over.

That’s a big boy.

Caught a double flash of this tight crew.

Unicorn girl won best freak on the street.

She/He said her thighs were hungry while whipping those bad boys out. Thanks Tampa. Happy 20th Anniversary SPOT. See you next year.