Pieces of Philadelphia’s iconic LOVE Park to be used to build Swedish skatepark

On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that pieces of granite from Philadelphia’s LOVE Park — an iconic skateboarding spot that was destroyed in 2016 — have been shipped off to the Swedish city of Malmo to help build a new skatepark.

Per a report by Philadelphia’s KYW-TV, the people in charge of building the Swedish skatepark wanted to get their hands on the removed granite because they wanted to honor the legacy of LOVE Park.

“Well, of course, it’s sacred and to share that with another city making a skate park that used that granite was very attractive to us,” Josh Nims, founder of Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Fund— a group that is currently in possession of roughly 500,000 pounds of granite removed from LOVE Park — told KYW-TV.

Nims sent the granite to Gustav Svanborg-Eden, Skate Malmö’s coordinator, after he saw that Svanborg-Eden — and the city of Malmo — had a deep appreciation for the sport of skateboarding.

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Named after the renowned Robert Indiana LOVE statue, LOVE Park was integral in the progression of skateboarding. Photo: Courtesy of Cherelle Claywell/Flickr

“The skating world has lost something,” Svanborg-Eden told KYW-TV about the end of LOVE Park. “(In Malmo) We’ve learned that skateboarding is not detrimental to urban life but can actually be an asset in activating spaces.”

Svanborg-Eden’s reference to whether or not skateboarding in urban areas is detrimental to the community is seemingly alluding to the fact that, despite having a wealth of perfect granite ledges, staircases and park benches for skateboarding, skating was explicitly banned in Philadelphia’s LOVE Park for more than 10 years.

For now, Svanborg-Eden is keeping quiet about how he will implement the granite in his skatepark design, but assures KYW-TV that it will make waves in the skateboarding community once the park is unveiled.

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