PLG earns third Dew Cup Title with Win at Dew Tour Championships

Pierre Luc-Gagnon got the better of Shaun White once again as he won the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas this past weekend. With the win PLG earned his third overall Dew Cup Title.

The rivalry continues for these two as they have squared off in three finals this year. PLG holds the advantage over White with two wins on the Dew Tour but Shaun won the big one at X Games 17.

PLG’s winning run of a kickflip body varial 540, 720, switch heelflip 360 and a nollie heelflip indy 360 earned him a 92.00, just enough to hold of White’s 91.50.

“I’m so excited to win the Dew Cup again,” said PLG following his win. “This is what I’m working for all year. I’m glad it’s over, I’ve been nervous all day. Now I get to relax and stop growing gray hair.”

Bucky Lasek who sat in second place in the overall standings coming into the event finished in third in both the championships and the over Dew Cup standings.

Skate Vert Final Results
1.Pierre-Luc Gagnon 92.00.
2. Shaun White 91.50.
3. Bucky Lasek 88.50.
4. Pedro Barros, Brazil 84.50.
5. Andy Macdonald 83.50.