Possible new world record for longest 50-50 grind on a skateboard; video

According to the website for the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest 50-50 grind ever done on a skateboard is 204 feet done by Jagger Eaton in October 2016. That record may have just been broken.

In the above video, pro skater Luis De Los Reyes (aka Moose) lands a mind-boggling 292-foot 50-50 grind on a curb that was attempted earlier this week. He does so with plenty of ease and we get the sense that he probably could’ve gone even further if the curb hadn’t ended.

Moose rides off and raises his arm in elation as filmer Christian Shephard nears closer. The two eventually get tangled up with each other and collide. Shephard does a great job of saving the camera and sacrificing his body. Let with only a few scratches, this seems worth it to preserve the footage.

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While this has not officially been named the world record for the longest 50-50 grind yet, we can imagine that’s only a matter of time and paper work.

There are certainly a few others that we’ve witnessed over the years that could be contenders themselves if they were ever officially measured: Matt Beach in “Can’t Stop The Firm”, Jamie Thomas in the credits for “Welcome To Hell” and Kyle Anderson on that long red curb.

Luis De Los Reyes (aka Moose) attacking the red curb.