Powerful short film follows world’s best freestyle skateboarding prodigy

There aren’t many 14-year-olds who can say they’re the best in the world at something and mean it. But Japan’s Isamu Yamamoto can say just that about his abilities in freestyle skateboarding.

In May, Yamamoto won the pro division at the sixth-annual World Round Up Freestyle Skateboarding Championships in British Columbia, blowing away the competition with his innate sense of how to link one move to the next.

Following that, Yamamoto linked up with freestyler extraordinaire and skate filmmaker Brett Novak for a powerful short film they shot together in Japan.

Yamamoto credits legend Rodney Mullen as the reason for skateboarding’s powerful hold on him, having told Rolling Stone, “He is the reason. He inspired me and made me start.”

Ironically, Mullen sees Yamamoto as someone in rare company all his own, telling Rolling Stone, “The way he links his tricks together and the speed of them – it’s beautiful to watch. I would dare say that not many could do that, in that way, if they tried.”

The sky is the limit for the 14-year-old, and we’ll be watching all along the way.

Isamu Yamamoto in his element.

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