Question Authority: Frank Gerwer

Back in 2001, you kickflipped Wallenberg. At the time it was considered the ultimate trick possible on the big four set. I was wondering how that day played out for you? Did you just wake up and roll down there and do it, or were there many moments of hesitation or doubt? I heard Gabe Morford was trying to ollie it; did he stick it that day? How did it feel to finally land it? Did you go out and celebrate? Also how do you feel about all those tricks going down on the day of the Wallenberg contest last year? What was your favorite one? It was rad to see Gonz skate it with those 215s.Oh, and why do you throw buckets of water out the front door of Newell? Oh and tell Matt Milligan he has an awesome big spin flip for me.

Kris Ferner

San Francisco, CA

What’s up Kris,

Gabe went to ollie the four and I overslept and was missing it. Matt Field picked me up and we went there, without my board. Gabe had my board in his car. We watched Gabe try it a couple times. He didn’t want to try it for a couple more times. So to motivate him I tried to ollie it. Then he did it a couple more times, then I said if I kickflip it will you try it again. Six or seven tries and that’s it.

It was close to Halloween, and Pat Duffy had a party that night at his vert ramp. And I saw the best skating that night. Max Schaff was skating in a Devo costume. And Gonz was skating, too. And that was fun.

The tricks that went down that day at the contest were awesome, seriously, all of them were my favorite, bing, bang, boom. I’d love to cartwheel the four, or back handspring would be dope.

(At Newell) If you ring the bell too long, that’s what happens. But it’s got to be pretty long. Plus, you got to be a dick.

Thanks for the questions and I’ll tell Milligan you said hi. I’m out. —Frank