Question Authority: Jereme Rogers

Dear Jereme,
As a kid growing up in Massachusetts, I've been following your career since the Coliseum days. I was wondering if there's a new Coliseum video in the works and if you'll have any footage in it. It's gotten pretty cold out here in the East this month and it's got me thinking about moving West at some point to chase the sunshine and more days on my board. Is LA all it's cracked up to be? Was it a hard transition for you to move out there? I was also wondering if you are still friends with P-Rod now that he's left Girl?
Also, I noticed you seem to have gone pretty gusto with the tattoos. I think they're pretty cool but I'm wondering if you have any that you regret? Do you have a favorite one?
Congratulations on turning pro. I'm stoked to ride your board. Now that you are pro, do you feel like there's more pressure on you or do you feel like the pressure's off in a sense? Keep ripping.
Steve Daily
Springfield, Mass

Yeah, it's freezing out there right now. I was just back home for Christmas so I had a little taste. For me, moving to LA was just something I had to do. It's definitely a huge change from the East Coast, that's for sure. But I like it now, and I love skateboarding so much that just the weather alone makes it worthwhile for me. I'm sure you'd be psyched if you tried staying out here for a bit.
As for P-Rod, he's my homie for life. I could care less what company he chooses to ride for. Our friendship goes far past skateboarding.
I got a lot of tattoos right now; they're definitely addicting. But I don't regret any of them 'cause life is pretty short, and most of mine revolve around God anyway. Which is not something that can ever get old to me. I think my favorite one right now might be this one on my left arm that says, “With God All Things Are Possible.”
Definitely no new Coliseum video for me, I have no association with those guys who own the shop. I'm still friends with P.J. and Ryan, but none of us ride for the shop anymore.
As far as feeling the pressure, if anything, I would say there's more pressure now. There're more responsibilities and other crap to deal with. But when it comes down to skateboarding I'm on my own terms with myself. I couldn't care less what people expect or don't expect of me. I love skateboarding so I'm just trying my hardest every time I step on my board, like it's the last time I'm gonna have a chance to skate. All right later, Steve. Thanks a lot for the support. Stay up and keep skating. —Jereme