Question Authority: Rick McCrank

Question Authority

Rick McCrank
You're my favorite skateboarder. Not only do you kill it on the streets, but also on transitions. And you're not a dick or all flashy and hype, y'know? How do you manage to be a pro and live in Vancouver? Do you ever think of living in California? What do you like about living in Canada so much? How do you manage to juggle your time between being a father, a shop owner and a pro skater? What video are you working on right now? I heard you're in a biker gang—is this true?
Carter McCoubrey
Anaheim, California

Thanks for the kind words. I guess I manage to be a pro and live in Vancouver by just skateboarding. Sounds simple, but that's all it takes. There are world-class photographers and filmers here and good spots, not to mention some fun skateparks. I don't live in California because I don't have to. My family lives here in Vancouver and, like I said, there are good skate spots here. Plus, I go on trips and tours regularly and that's where I film most of my parts.
I juggle my life just fine, I guess. Things are on an ever-changing schedule, and I try to give everything equal time. As far as what videos I'm working on, be on the lookout for the upcoming S video and also the second antisocial video.
I'm not in a biker gang. If I were, I wouldn't tell you anyway. If you hear anything about me and a certain creepy biker gang, I suggest you mind your own business. —Rick