Question Authority

Jon Allie
I heard somewhere you work on old cars. What kind do you have? Do you think Fords suck? I like Chevys better. You know those stickers that have Calvin from "Calvin and Hobbes" pissing on the Ford logo? I've got one of those. How did you get into working on cars? And why old muscle cars? Does it help you to pick up chicks?
Kelly Chidles
Louisville, Kentucky

Yeah, I work on old cars. I have two Chevy Novas right now. One's a '69 and the other a '70. I bought them because new cars aren't any fun to drive or work on. I guess I've always been into old cars, so when I saved up enough money, I got two. And, hell yeah, it helps you pick up chicks. —Jon

Elissa Steamer
You're an awesome skater, and the best, too. I've known about you since I was 5 and it's really cool that you're a well known skater. Like in those Tony Hawk games, you're in there, which means you're on top of a lot of men in the ranking. I love how female skaters are actually getting recognized. I'd love to be like you, skating for a career. What's it like? Do you always enjoy skating, or is it tiring at some points? How'd you get started skating as a career? I'd like to know.
Meaghan Roman
Fountain Hills, Arizona

Thanks for writing. Skateboarding is like a dream come true. I love skateboarding so I love my job. All I have to do is skate. It's pretty amazing. I get to travel all over the place and do what I like to do. It's a blessing, I guess.
I've been doing it so long that sometimes I don't enjoy it as much as I used to. But I'll always love skateboarding.
As far as skating for a career, I just skated, and I guess I was in the right place at the right time. I skated the Skatepark of Tampa a lot. When I was younger I entered contests, but I think just skating at the park is what helped me out. I ended up skating with Ed Templeton there and he put me on Toy Machine.
If you want to skate as your career, that's awesome. Keep skating. I hope you rip it. I hope to meet you in the future. —Elissa Steamer