Question Authority: Stefan Janowski

Hey, Stefan.
I’ve been trying to convince my girlfriend that we should get a dog. The problem is we travel a lot. You must run into the same problem with your dog, Liam. Do you travel with him? Some people also say that dogs share some personality traits with their owners. This might sound like a weird question, but what are some things that Liam does that remind you of yourself? Do you think he has his own personality? What kind of things does he do to make you laugh? My mom used to have a cat that hissed and backed into a corner every time one of my uncles came over. Does Liam have a hang-up with any of your friends? Maybe Biebel?
Cory Stavers

Seattle, Washington

Hey, Cory.

So you want a little dog, eh? Yeah, those little bastards can be a f**kin’ great time. Traveling can be a problem since most dogs suck at driving and always have panic attacks on long flights. Luckily for me, I can leave the little f**ker with my mother. She’s good but, like most grandmas, she spoils him and lets him eat sweets and stay up late watching TV. Sure, he’s got a personality and is always makin’ me laugh. The usual, you know, funny faces, practical jokes. He sure is tricky. Yeah, he and my friends get along pretty well, and he and Biebel hang all the time. They have the same taste in music, and Brandon takes him to Kings games all the time. -Stefan