Ragdoll on PIG.

For years, fans of Pig Wheels top quality urethane have been asking that we take our 15 years of experience and launch a Pig Wood team. We’ve been taking our time because we wanted to be sure that when it came together, our team included the best most creative skateboarders out there.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Pig Wood is proud to announce Anthony "RAGDOLL" Scalamere as it's first ever Pro. Originally from Las Vegas, Ragdoll now calls Los Angeles home. He represents the best of the new skaters out there building themselves into future heroes. Bringing skills and a flair that has often been imitated, but never matched, Ragdoll’s presence is known in cities across the US. Ragdoll rides alongside the Pig Wood Ams Adrian Mallory, Charlie Castelluzzo, Lizard King, Sammy Baca, Shuriken Shannon and Slash.

This June, Pig Wood releases it's first video, Slaughterhouse. What better way to celebrate the launch of the Pig Wood team? Slaughterhouse has it all, a group of amazing skateboarders laying it down on all terrain, bringing together the most slashing, creative, rippingest team in skateboarding. The team has worked hard and has gained respect from all who witness their talents. Slaughterhouse is what skateboarding is truly about: having fun, skating everything and anything and being yourself.

Tune in and watch the chaos unfold.

About Pig Wood:
As a natural progression from Pig Wheels, Pig Wood was started in 2002 by skateboarding industry veteran Josh Beagle. Pig Wood is distributed by Tum Yeto, Inc. The Pig Wood team today is Ragdoll, Adrian Mallory, Charlie Castelluzzo, Lizard King, Sammy Baca, Shuriken Shannon and Slash.

About Tum Yeto:
Tum Yeto, Inc and its brands have been industry leaders in performance, quality and reliability since 1990. Tum Yeto is owned and operated by skateboarders with skateboarding experience spanning more than twenty years. In addition to having one of the most intense programs for team riders and marketing, Tum Yeto is a full line manufacturer, nationwide distributor, wholesaler and exporter of high-end professional skateboarding products including hard and soft goods.