Raiders of the Archives: Nick Halkias Part 3 of 5

NikeSB sales rep, Nick Halkias has one of the most insane collections of skateboards and other skate memoribilia that we’ve ever seen. Nick was kind enough to let us raid his condo which doubles as his skateboard museum. So, get ready to see every 80s and 90s board you ever dreamed of having from World Industries, Blind, SMA, Santa Cruz, G&S and more. Check out part 3 of 5 and make sure to check back next Friday for part 4.

Photos: Jaime Owens
Here’s just a few other items Nick has collected below.

A classic SMA Julien Stranger. (one of my all-time favorite boards)

Powell-Peralta made rollerskate cases too. They look pretty sick.

One of the rarest Big Brother issues to find in good condition.

Savannah Slamma group shot.

One of a kind Lance Mountain, Gonz and Neil Blender collabo art piece.