Rebuilding the iconic 1980s ‘Animal Chin’ skateboard ramp 30 years later

In terms of height 1980s skateboard cheese, the Powell-Peralta movie “Animal Chin” certainly stands near the top of that list. But it is also one of the best skate movies to come out of the 80s, because within it is one of the most monumental skate ramps ever constructed. And after the three total weeks it took to build it and film on it, the game-changing ramp was gone forever.

The “Animal Chin” ramp was built from the start with the Stacy Peralta’s directions that it would be torn down after they were done filming for the movie. Ramp builder Tim Pain took all the requests and dreams from every member of the Bones Brigade and worked his ass off to create the iconic ramp. 30 yeas later, they have decided to rebuild it at Woodward West.

Gathering original ramp builder Pain and the entire Bones Brigade (including Tony Hawk), the ramp is currently at Woodward West with some serious filming sessions going on. While the guys are a bit older than they were during the “Animal Chin” days, this is a big deal for other skateboarders in this world to see this ramp in person, and even get to skate it.

The original "Animal Chin" ramp being constructed.

The original “Animal Chin” ramp being constructed.

While it may lose a bit of the mystique that surrounded it for these last 30 years, it’s way better to recreate and let the masses enjoy it! Stay tuned for the onslaught of awesome clips we’ll be seeing soon.

The Bones Brigade with the 2016 version of the ramp.

The Bones Brigade with the 2016 version of the ramp.

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