Red Bull Seek & Destroy

Red Bull and Skateboarder Magazine have teamed up to present Red Bull Seek & Destroy, one of the greatest collections of east coast talent ever assembled on one tour. Starting in Boston PJ Ladd, Ryan Gallant, Zered, Bassett, Danny Supa, Kerry Getz, and Mike Maldonado were given 8 days to hit 9 predetermined spots (3 in Boston, 3 in New York City and 3 in Philly) chosen by Charlie Wilkens, Jeff Pang and Ricky Oyola in hopes of winning cash money.

The idea for Red Bull Seek & Destroy spawned from a PJ Ladd interview where he voiced his displeasure with contest formats and called for a contest for street skaters in the streets, and was put together by the Red Bull crew and three of the East Coasts most talented darkmen. Ex-Big Brother alumni, writing genius Chris Nieratko, H-Street vert-dog Ryan M-M-Monihan, and NYC legend and Shut Skateboards co-founder Bruno Musso.

Red Bull Seek & Destroy was a contest in the loosest sense of the word and to ask any of the guys on the trip you wouldn€™t even know they were competing. The breakdown: a best trick contest at each spot worth $500. No kids invited and the skaters judge themselves. Then to make things more interesting Red Bull put up $10,000 CASH to the team that put together the best video part in the course of the weeklong tour.

Needless to say, everyone killed it and you will be stoked when you see the photos and watch the DVD in September. A free limited edition DVD of the entire tour will be included in 30,000 copies of the issue, which means only subscribers and skateshops will get the free DVD. So if you aren€™t already a subscriber yet, get on it or support your local skateshop, and request that they order more copies of the Red Bull issue. You will not believe the amount of amazing footage these guys put together in eight days!