Remember To Wear Sunscreen This Summer

Summer is upon us and we here at Grind TV would like to remind you to protect your skin and wear sunscreen when you’re out and about in these hot months. I’m very guilty of not wearing it, and starting to see the affects of it. Believe me when you start to get into the later part of your 20s, you’re going to wish you did. If you already are, you know what I mean.

Anyway, anyone who knows me knows I’ve always had a thing for Winona Ryder. I thought the shoplifting thing just made her hotter. So, as a little treat I give to you the “Protect Your Skin and Save Your Ass” skin cancer campaign, that she was a part of a few years back. As you can tell she posed for a few pictures with a skate deck and nothing else.

This isn’t the first time Ms. Ryder has appeared in the skateboarding world. If you’re an old dude, you may remember the G and S video from 91′ entitled, Winona Ryders. She never actually appears in the video, it was called that because in a survey from that year it was determined that she was the #1 biggest celebrity crush amongst skateboarders.

Check out Winona Ryders: