Reynolds And Greco Sidewalk Session

The Boss, Andrew Reynolds, and the Johnny Thunders of skateboarding, Jim Greco, recently went on a mission to get some sounds and an impromptu skate session went down along the way.

Reynolds wanted a new stereo for his van and Greco just wanted to go along for the ride. And like a typical audio installation shop the boys were told they had to wait 30 minutes to an hour; Just enough time to get their skate on.

Right out front there were a few sidewalk gaps and planters to session, and some ridiculous-for-how-little-there-was-to-skate lines went down. That’s how good these guys are. They can skate anything and have fun.

No complaining about cracks and bumps; just ripping. And both these guys are in their 30s, still having fun and glad to be skateboarders. It should be inspiration to us all;

Check out the video: