Rooftop Rampage


The Rooftop Rampage went down this weekend in New York Fuckin’ City. I had to be at the Transworld Awards in Hollywood, so I asked my NYC correspondent Richie Kadillac to handle it.

He killed it. Here’s what he had to say about the event:

So my buddy ?MORINformed emailed me about a week ago and asked me to shoot some pictures for GrindTV at the Rooftop Rampage event in NYC. I figured why not? I was going there anyway and it seemed like easy money.

There was just this one problem, I didn?t have a camera. After breaking my camera, and my friend?s camera, my girlfriend wasn?t really feeling me using her new one, but she did let me use her old shitty one.

The event was hosted by Billy Rohan and Alex Corporan on the roof of The New Design High School in the Lower East Aside of Manhattan. It was a fucking awesome set up and only a short skate away from my place. I tried to capture the street course and some of the skating, but as mentioned earlier my camera was shit.

Anyway, thanks to all the sponsors for putting on the event (Red Bull, Open Road, Supreme Acapulco Gold , Instant Winner, Vans, and some others).

Oh yeah, I almost forget a world record was broken. Luis Tolentino broke the world record for the highest ollie (45 inches) and became $ 800 richer. Luis rides for Shut Skateboards and is from NYC.

Here’s some pics from the day all taken by Richie Kadillac:

World record ollie by Luis Tolentino

Nick Sassa won a nice amount of cash.

The hosts Billy Rohan and Alex Corporan.

What?s an NYC section without a shot with Rodney Torres, some buildings and a basketball hoop.

This was the stamp they gave you when you entered. It said, “Billys Nuts,” which is the name of Billy Rohan?s blog.

Some more cool graffiti, gotta love the NYC.