The Retun of Skully

Meet Skully. He is Skateboarder Magazines official mascot.
I'm sure all of you have spent some time hanging out with Skully. Just in case you haven't, Skully is the embodiment of all our worst slams. He represents the pain, suffering and time spent layed up that all of us face.

In an effort to raise his profile Skully has started making it a point to visit hi-profile events like demos and contests. Recently Skully took time out of his busy schedule of spreading pain and misery, to stop by the Tampa Pro. Skully was just hangin' out watching the contest when he noticed Jereme Rogers getting ready to drop in switch. Jereme was probably setting up for one of his flawless switch back tails, and didn't notice skully was paying him particular attention. Right as Jereme went to drop in, a smile came over Skully's face. Next thing we saw was Jereme smashing his entire body into the flat bottom. He hit so hard that Skully was thrown from his seat and landed right next to Jereme. As Jereme lay there in pain, Skully just smiled and looked on as if his work here was done. From then on Jereme and Skully were inseparable, they hung out together, skated together, and I even think I saw them in Ybor City trying to talk-up the same girl. Luckily for Jereme, Skully's lack of a body is a big disadvantage with the girls.

Jereme Rogers his new friend