San Francisco’s skate scene heats up

While San Francisco’s skate scene has been thriving since the mid ’80s, seeds planted by the FTC skate crew truly began to bear fruit in the mid ’90s, when they opened the doors of their first stand-alone shop in the historic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

Brandon Turner lighting things up in San Francisco's legendary skate shop, FTC.

Brandon Turner lighting things up in San Francisco’s legendary skate shop FTC

At the time, skating (and skaters) had evolved well beyond the sport’s surf-inspired roots into a fully separate urban street scene. Comprised of local misfits, talented artists, and the city’s constant flow of new arrivals, the FTC tribe put Bay Area skate hangouts on the map. Places like the Embarcadero and Hubba Hideout became skating meccas.

Today, FTC’s impact on the local skate scene is larger than ever, influencing everything from design, apparel, video, art, and music. This year they’ve teamed up with Levi’s to stage their FTC For the Cash 3 skate event, a gathering that attracts some of the most revered names in skating.

And as you’ll see in the video below, getting ready for this competition (which takes place October 21) is no small feat. Construction began early this month, and will continue right up until event day. Until then, many of the most notable names in skating will be arriving in the City by the Bay, immersing themselves in all the skate and city splendor.