Shane O’Neill Announces May’s Emulator Winner

Skateboarder magazine’s Emulator Contest, which encourages skaters to film themselves replicating a trick from three professional skaters has advanced to the next stage. While in China, Shane O’Neill announced the winner for May as he selected the fan who replicated his favorite trick, the nollie flip nosegrind.

And the winner is:

The winning trick

Congratulations to Stephen Moulding who is now into the finals for a chance to win $1000 and coverage in Skateboarder magazine.

June’s Emulator challenge is Ishod Wair’s favorite trick, the switch bigspin nose manual. Upload a video of you replicating the trick to the best of your ability for your shot at an awesome prize pack and a month’s supply of Monster Energy drinks, as well as a chance to compete against Stephen Moulding in the finals.