60 Seconds: Max Schaff

60 Seconds with Max Schaff

Your idea of paradise?
A woman to love, your friends are there and you're young forever.

Last time you felt like a rock star?
I was just in Japan and because of Eric Koston and Brian Anderson, the kids were just going crazy. But I didn't really feel like a rock star; I kind of felt like their wierd dad or something.

What do you tell a kid who's starting to skate?
Push with your back foot and push as fast as you can.

What's your favorite memory from your ramp?
Just skating with my friend Curtis. He was the only local and we skated alone many days. He passed away, but the sessions with him were my favorite.

If you were in Too $hort's crew what would your name be?
Honky Tonk.

What's your favorite Mark Gonzales moment?
When he did the painting at the ramp. It was pretty sick because we went to the hardware store and bought a bunch of the “oops” paint—the blends they messed up on. I went to sleep and when I woke up he'd painted that mural. He stayed up for eight hours and painted that thing. It was unreal.

What scares you?
I get scared when I'm on my motorcycle on the freeway and I start thinking about going down and how much it would hurt.

Craziest thing you've snatched from your dog's mouth?
A human turd. 'Cause I didn't know what it was. He's just chillin' on it, and I was like, What's that? And then I was like, Wow, so that's what it feels like to have another man's shit in your hand.

What's gnarliest thing you've ever seen?
John Cardiel trying a back flip with no pads, on the day before he was going to Brazil or on some big trip. I'm such a pussy; I don't even like to skate before I go on a trip, and he was trying back flips. That's when I knew he was the gnarliest.

If you could relive one day?
Thanksgiving when I was 6, just hanging out with my grandpa. Because I don't really remember him, but I know he was badass and just a neat guy.

If you could apologize to anyone?
I might just have to go with Andy MacDonald. He really is a nice guy. He's the nicest guy and I've been mean to him.

What's a quirky ritual or superstition you have?
I don't walk across handicap signs on the ground. The blue wheelchair symbols, I don't walk across those.

Other than your skateboard, what's the one thing you can't live without?
My 1947 Harley Knucklehead.