Sk8Mafia Premiere Behind The Scenes

Words: Christian Senrud
Video: Brendan Klein
On Friday October 14th Sk8Mafia premiered their latest video at the Vine Theater in Los Angeles. With five new pros on the docket, you knew they had something special in store, so with our latest issue all wrapped up and sent to the printers, we decided to make a day of it and head up to L.A. for some shredding, the premiere, and for Greg Hunt’s photo show to follow.

The video starts off with an homage to the late Tommy Cantrell, who passed away earlier this year. It was a heavy way to start an otherwise lighthearted video, but it was poignant and a fitting tilt of the hat to a fallen friend.

Without giving too much of the video away, this latest Sk8Mafia video was another solid production from the SD crew. All of the new pros came out hard. Jimmy Cao skates fast and smooth. Palmore has a sick bag of tricks and can take them to some janky spots with ease. Larelle Gray was a bit of a dark horse of the night, but he had a great part. Surrey had a two song part ender and they were both great.

Overall it was another sick video from the Mafia. Since the brand is literally a skate posse who skates together all the time, that’s the main vibe you get from watching the video and it’s something that resonates with you when you’re done watching it. From the honoring of their fallen friend, through the homie montages, to the heavy hitting parts from the team riders, you get a professional quality video with that down home vibe that keeps things simple, lighthearted and fun.

Here’s a little video recap from the day by our friend Brendan Klein who captured all the pre-video skating and asked everyone in sight who they were hyped to see in the video.