Skate Furniture

My friend and Grind employee, M to the L to the A, attended the Dwell on Design show last Saturday, and came across some very well crafted skate deck furniture.

Usually when skaters make chairs and shit out of skate decks it looks pretty ghetto, your typical sloppy skate shop steez, but not this guy.

I don’t know who he is or where he came from, but I’m sure you can Google him somehow. Everything is not going to be given to you in life, so if you’re interested in some of these ass resters, show some initiative and find out how you can get them. I’m not going to do everything for you.

I’m just kidding! The furniture mastermind is Gil Le Bon Delapoint and you can find out more by going to or by emailing

Thanks to M to the L to th A for the pics: