Skate Meets Snow: Bowl Session at Nike Chosen

Snowboarders have always looked to skateboarders for new tricks, styles and techniques. Halfpipes are the snow versions of vert ramps, and resorts all over the world are littered with skate-inspired rail gardens.

But you’d be hard pressed to find a skate-style bowl made of snow. Actually, after researching ‘skate-bowls made of snow’ on the ole’ interweb, we found only a few have ever been created.

So for the second session of the Nike Chosen Sessions in Austria, Nike combined the world of snow and skate and crafted not one, but two pristine skate-bowls in the park at Silvretta Montafon. The innovative, jib-able features include a diving board, ladder, rails and cones, which made the possible hits endless.

The ams and the pros spent the day sessioning the scheisse out of the unique feature. After the jam, Nike Pro Louie Vito said, “It’s all about being creative and having fun. And who gets to ride a pool at a normal park? No one.”

Only a few days remain of the Nike Chosen Sessions in Austria, so check out the edit to see the skate bowl action. Then head on over to to vote for your favorite am. Over $50,000 is on the line and the chance to become Nike’s Chosen. Get into it.