Skate Video Night Photos

Photos: Mikey Tnasuttimonkol

Patrick O'Dell presented his video selections in chronological order by decade, beginning with the 1980s flicks that first influenced him and the event was put on by the Levi's Film Workshop in conjunction with MOCA's 'Art in the Streets.'. In between each segment of videos, the panelists gave insight into their histories and beginnings as filmmakers, the nascent days of skate videos and reminisced about the early films they shot. The conversation gave attendees an intimate look at each filmmaker's past: Stacy Peralta gave a behind-the-scenes look on his start in the filmmaking industry and his early videos with fellow panelist Lance Mountain, laughing about the limited budgetary means he had early on and the creative methods he experimented with to get his perfect camera shot. Celebrated filmmaker Spike Jonze discussed his 1991 flick "Video Days," noting that he never thought the film would be considered a classic but that he always knew there was something special about it. Greg Hunt commented on his early videos shot in Super8, noting that they were purely about fun – and that his love for skateboarding is still what inspires him to make videos today.

Audience members got to participate in a Q&A with the panelists. After the event wrapped, attendees were treated to a commemorative poster created especially for the event. (Many took the opportunity to have theirs signed by the panelists!)

Dill, AVE, O’Dell and Hunt

Spike Jonze

Stacey Peralta

Lance and Spike

Ty Evans