Skateboarder, BMX rider perform underwater tricks

Underworld 5

Take a skateboarder and BMX rider and toss them into a swimming pool to do some tricks and what do you get? The action sports equivalent to "Waterworld."

Green Films of France decided to do just that. It took BMX world champion Matthias Dandois and pro skateboarder Sam Partaix to a swimming pool of a private castle in Toulouse, France, and asked them to perform their tricks underwater.

The result is this video called "Underwater." We are certain Kevin Costner could never pull off any of these stunts. Take a look:

Green Films, via an email from Perrine Le Cabellec of Xtreme Video, told GrindTV Outdoor that this "experimental project" is "more artistic than performance … because it is very difficult to ride and film under the water."

After an hour of shooting underwater, they realized the challenge was too big and were forced to change what they had planned to what you see in the video.

And if you liked what you saw, then you're in for a treat. "Underwater #2" is in the works.

Photos courtesy of Xtreme Videos

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