Skateboarder Mag’s trip to Kansas City for Sean Malto. Part 2

As promised here’s Part 2 of Skateboarder Mag’s contributing photographer Aaron Smith‘s trip to Kansas City with Ty Evans to start working on his full interview with Sean Malto.

Chocolate’s own Stevie Perez joins Malto in Part 2 of the trip to Kansas City to help make things interesting.

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Photos & captions: Aaron Smith

Malto warming up with a backside nosegrind in St. Louis.

The face of a winner.

Ty, Malto, Joseph, and Chris Roberts watching the slam Malto just took.

Sliced legs are no fun. Just ask Sean.

A friendly neighbor whose house overlooks the spot saw Sean go down and thought he would come out and lend a hand. He patched Sean up in no time.

You can’t win them all.