Skateboarder Mag’s Tuesday 25 with Keegan Sauder

Photo: Jonathan Mehring

Every Tuesday Skateboarder Mag delivers 25 quick hitting questions with a member of the skateboard community. This week the Mag sat down with Canadian Skater Keegan Sauder.

1. Way to start your day:
Diving into a crystal clear lake

2. Movie you can rewatch time and time again:

3. Song from a skate video:
“Mandatory Suicide”

4. Zero teammate:

5. Person to be stuck in a van with:
Jeffro Halliday

6. Place to camp:
Brittania Beach, Squamish

7. Story from the road:
“Go past the flashing light and turn right at the spirit poles, watch out for the white boys, that’s my house.”

8. Recent video part:
Heath Kirchart!

9. YouTube sensation:
Day job orchestra

10. Question to be asked at a demo:
“Who are you?” Ha!

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