Skateboarder Mag’s Tuesday 25 with Madars Apse

Photo: John Bradford

Every Tuesday Skateboarder Mag delivers 25 quick hitting questions with a member of the skateboard community. This week the Mag sat down with the Baltic Beast from Latvia Madars Apse. For those of you who need some brushing up on geography Latvia is located to the west of Russia, south of Finland and right across the Baltic Sea to the east of Sweden. It’s one of the three Baltic countries and part of the European Union.

1. Video part:
Janoski in Subtleties

2. Place to visit:

Riga, Latvia

3. Place to live:

Wherever your hearts at!

4. Thing about Latvia:
Beautiful places and people.

5. Thing about the USA:

Mexican food

6. Euro trend:

All roads lead to Barcelona.

7. Skate trend:
Living the anti-hero.

8. Go to trick:

9. Season:

10. Meal:
Potato pancakes with cranberry and sour cream jam.

Question 11-25