Skateboarder Mag’s Tuesday 25 with Trevor Colden

Every Tuesday Skateboarder Mag delivers 25 quick hitting questions with a member of the skateboard community. This week the Mag sat down with Trevor Colden, the future of Skateboarding. He’s 17, really good at skateboarding, and is under the wings of Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, and Heath Kirchart.

Backside noseblunt slideâ¨
Photo: John Bradford

1. Warm up trick:â¨

2.Thing to do in VB:â¨
Skate my local park the Plaza and go fishing!

3. Thing to do in CA:â¨
Chill and skate Blackbox and skate all the awesome spots!

4.Emerica shoe:â¨
Reynolds Cruisers and the G Codes

5.Video game:â¨
Call of Duty

6. Place I’ve ever been to:â¨
Probably Texas so far.

7. Person to travel with:
â¨Everyone on Emerica and Mystery.

8. Way to spend money:â¨
Snacks at the gas station.

9. Food:â¨
Spicy nacho Doritos

10. Thing to get for free:â¨
New socks

Questions 11-25