Skateboarder under fire for throwing lobster at wall

(The above video, with parody voiceover added after the fact, is the only version that has not been pulled from the Web.)

A pro skateboarder has found himself in hot water after a video emerged Tuesday of him allegedly breaking open the lobster tank at a New York City restaurant and smashing a lobster against a wall.

In the original video, a skateboarder, whom many believe to be 22-year-old pro skater Shawn Powers, is seen standing near a lobster tank while looking into the camera and saying, “I’ll break it, and I’ll take the f–kin’ crabs out.”

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The man then strikes the glass wall of the tank four times with a skateboard before it breaks and water begins pouring out onto the sidewalk. The skateboarder then picks up one of the lobsters and violently flings it into a brick wall.

Metro has reported that the undated video took place at the now-closed A-Wah II restaurant in New York City’s Chinatown.

Palace Skateboards, who sponsors Powers, has not commented on the video.

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