Skateboarder x Vans Shoe Release Party

The good folks over at Val Surf were kind enough to have a little get together for the launch of our collaboration with Vans. Having Tony Alva come out and hangout is always amazing. Even better is when he expresses how much he likes the collection. Here’s some photos from the small party.

Our collab nicely displayed. The Mid Skool 77, The Era, The Old Skool, The Classic Stripe Shirt, The Tallboy socks, The Original LS, The Aloha Shirt, The 1964 Shirt and The Tank.

The Tank, The Classic Stripe Shirt, The Original LS and The Aloha Shirt

The Trucker Hat and The Pack.

Tony Alva showing his favorite shoe in the collection. The Old Skool.

Tony with the kids who were hyped on the collection.

Jamey Stone and Gabe Clement checking out The Era.

After the little party at Val Surf we headed over to a bar to worked on getting our Associate Editor Christian Senrud wasted.

It worked.

Our Editor Jaime Owens, Doughnut from Baker Boys Distribution, and our Publisher Jamey Stone.

Kurina Owens holding it down.

The whole Skateboarder Magazine crew. (Right to left) Chris Bywater, Nolan Woodrell, Christian Senrud, Jamey Stone, Aaron Smith and Jaime Owens. The only staff members missing are Roger Bagley, John Bradford and Jonathan Mehring.

Thank you again so much to Vans and Val Surf who made this all possible.