Skateboarder’s Weekly Recap 11/11

The biggest thing to happen in skateboarding this past week was undeniably the arrival of 11.11.11 and the release of Nyjah Huston’s Rise and Shine 8 minute long iTunes part. That fool went for it and somehow rides away from umpteen stair sets like he’s dropping off a curb. Highlights include some Hollywood High back to back NBDs and just gnarly-ass gap and rail skating. If you haven’t seen it yet, the $1.99 is a bargain price, or you can just wait for it to leak onto the YouTubes and wherever else it’ll end up thanks to filesharing and pirating and the like. We posted our Nyjah interview from our newsstand only Interview Issue, and CCS has an interview with him about Rise and Shine HERE.

If you’ve ever wondered what 100 pairs of shoes look like, just watch the video below. Andrew Reynolds and Heath Kirchart delivered the winnings of Emerica’s Wild in the Warehouse to Steven. Pretty crazy. Hope you got a big closet.

The Johnny Romano Make A Wish Skate Jam went down and raised a grip of money for a good cause. It’s definitely one of the best things going in skating.
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Johnny Romano Make-A-Wish Skate Jam in Houston, Texas from Skatepark of Tampa on Vimeo.

5Boro put together their holiday montage and it’s sick.

Hopps added Steve Brandi to the team with a Josh Stewart video complete with some big city shredding, some tennis, and a Bill Hicks soundbite while BLVD added Billy Davenport to their squad [below]. Leo Romero is back on Pig Wheels and Peter Ramondetta is now on Omit Apparel.

Nieratko sat down with Jeff Grosso for another Adventures with Chris episode, and Jeff opens up about self-medicating, the new dudes on Vans, and getting a shoe. Grosso rules. Check out his Skate Anatomy in our last issue for some crazy life lessons and random speed bumps he’s had to work through.

Nike posted the trailer for Chronicles, their new video that will feature a select portion of the SB team. Vol 1 looks like it’s going to be pretty bad ass with Wieger, Youness, Grant, Shimizu, Marnell, and Chet all having parts.

Garric Ray, who shot our new Silas cover, stopped by the office with Josh Anderson and Brian Baca last week to hang out and skate a bit. We put them to work of course and got a quick warm up clip out of them.

Volcom went to Korea

Adidas got Greecey
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Mikey got Facebooked

iPath salutes Ben Raybourn
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Ben Raybourn from Ipath Films on Vimeo.

Rodrigo got a Venture vid
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Venture Rodrigo Tx Official from dlxsf on Vimeo.

Flip went to Stoner.
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And Quartersnacks did an interview with Jake Johnson, but since the weather’s been decent, they’ve been too busy skating to transcribe it. So until the interview goes live, they posted some old footage: