Skateboarding; It’s Not A Plaid Life

I’m the editor of the GrindTV Skate Department, so needless to say I attend a lot of skate functions. Contests to art shows, trade events to skate rock shows. I’m always there and you know what else is always around (besides the ever present beanie), the pop sensation grid system of lines on a shirt. They come in different colors, variations and materials, but they’re always there. Stalking me; getting in my head to the point where I have dreams I’m being attacked by an army of them, just matching towards me, hundreds of them, like the hammers in Pink Floyd’s The Wall. What are they? Plaid shirts. Just look at this photo above from a skate art show at RVCA HQ.

It doesn’t matter what kind, from lumber jack flannels to light weight dress shirts. The skate scene has fallen to the Plaid army faster than Poland did to Nazi Germany in WWII. This cotton army did it tactically perfect too. They took out our leaders first, knowing the rest would follow. Just google image a famous skateboarder, more than likely you’ll find a photo of them wearing a plaid shirt. How did so many leaders fall so fast? Well, it was a covert operation lead by the intelligence groups of a much larger organization, that of fashion as a whole. Flannels and plaid shirts have also been all the rage in the non-skate fashion world too. Once the designers of the skate clothing brands were won over, the shirts were made, and the free boxes of clothes were sent out to pros everywhere.

Now, the current flag of the skate world is that of intersecting lines. You can make an argument that skateboarders were wearing plaid and flannel shirts long before they got big in the main stream. These types of shirts have been the bread and butter of brands like Matix and Fourstar for years, but now it seems like it’s so much bigger than it ever was. The funniest thing about this whole thing is, I’m wearing one as I type, and so is the Skate filmer sitting next to me, although I did get mine for free, and I’m pretty sure he did too.