Skateboarding kid in diaper is amazing

Kahlei Stone-Kelly isn't even out of diapers yet, but the 2-year-old is already tearing it up on a skateboard, doing tricks unimaginable for a kid his age. Kahlei, who lives in Victoria, Australia, started skateboarding when he was 6 months old, influenced by his skateboarding family that competes around the country.

The youngest of seven skateboarding children, Kahlei is shown in this video from The Guardian skateboarding down steps, popping wheelies, going up and over curbs, and skating down the street. All he is wearing is a diaper and tiki necklace. Watch the incredibly gifted toddler, one some labeled as the next Tony Hawk:

Clearly the kid has talent, but, as many Internet commenters point out, shouldn't he also be wearing a helmet and shoes, at the very least?

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