Skateboarding with a purpose

When Joe and Gavin Maloof first decided to venture in the world of skateboarding, some questioned their motive. Was it simply an attempt to capitalize on the rapidly growing sport of skateboarding, or an opportunity for a couple of suits from the business world to profit while taking advantage of an industry that prides themselves on rejecting the corporate ways of society.

In 2008, the Maloof Money Cup made it’s debut in Orange County, CA with the best skateboarders in the world competing. Normal skateboard contests take time to develop, time to gain a reputation strong enough for the world’s best to want to show up. Not this one; the Maloof’s strategy was loud and clear on how they intended to be successful. They put up the largest prize purse for any skateboarding competition ever, over $450,000 in prize money to the skaters.

Joe and Gavin have a reputation of taking care of the people they work with as is the case with their NBA franchise and their Las Vegas Casino. They understand the importance of making sure everyone is happy,(the old make them happy, and they make you happy theory). This has been the case with the Skaters, with the countless weekends in Vegas, the parties, the money, the television contracts, fact being they know how to take care of people.

But the question as to whether or not the Maloof’s are good for skateboarding might still be asked, that is until last year when the Maloof’s expanded the Maloof Money Cup to New York City. A big selling point to the Maloof’s as well as the city of Queens, was after the contest was over, they were able to keep the skate coarse intact, and leave it for the public to enjoy as a skate park. The park has since been named as the 2010 Best Skate Park by the Village Voice. Taking care of not only the skaters but the skateboarding community has become a priority for the Maloof’s.

In 2011 the Maloof’s are expanding their efforts globally with “Skateboarding for Hope,” a 10-month tour and outreach program across the Provinces of South Africa. The Global Initiative continues Maloof Skateboarding’s mission to bring skateboarding to communities around the world and work in partnership with local governments to leave permanent skate parks behind. The goal is to provide a positive activity in which kids and youth can participate, keeping them off the streets, away from crime and inspiring a new generation of skateboarders, all while giving back to each community it touches.

The most important part of this tour throughout South Africa is the impact it will have on the youth, “Throughout the tour, Maloof Skateboarding, the Provincial Government and their partners will be donating thousands of shoes, decks and skate gear to provide underprivileged youth in South Africa the opportunity to take up skateboarding. In addition, an AIDS benefit concert will be held during the Maloof Money Cup South Africa.”

The tour in South Africa will culminate in the first ever Maloof Money Cup World Skateboarding Championships in Kimberley Sept. 30-Oct 2, 2011. The youth of South Africa will get a chance to see the best skateboarders in the world.

Say what you want about the Maloof’s motives, it’s hard to debate the exposure and impact they bring to the world of skateboarding.