Gold-plated, nail-covered and bulletproof: the strangest skateboards of late

In July, Aaron Kyro of Braille Skateboarding attempted to ride a skateboard made out of glass only to fail miserably and come within inches of seriously injuring himself on shards of the shattered skateboard:

Unsatisfied with their first attempt at a glass skateboard, the team from Braille decided to try again, this time with a skateboard made from bulletproof glass for the their YouTube series “You Make It We Skate It.”

This time around, the skateboard actually held up for a full day at the skatepark, laceration-free.

The viral clip of Braille’s bulletproof board got us thinking about some of the craziest skateboard designs we’ve seen recently. Here are a handful of them:

A skateboard affixed with nails and a saw blade

YouTube personality/skateboarder Chris Chann specializes in attempting outlandish skateboarding stunts (one of his latest videos shows him skating around in a homemade hamster wheel of sorts constructed out of skateboards).

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But even with his proclivity for crazy board designs, his decision to affix a skateboard with a few dozen nails and a circular saw blade before attempting a handful of tricks sticks out as particularly risky.

A skateboard engulfed in flames

YouTube filmmaker Darren Dyk has built a following by shooting everything from skateboarding to dogs performing tricks in extreme slow motion.

In April, Dyk decided to take his love of filming skateboarding at 1,000 frames per second and up the ante by lighting a skateboard on fire, recruiting a group of skateboarders (including Chann) and having them test out the flaming board in a rainstorm.

A skateboard made out of gold

Golden Skateboard

The world’s most expensive skateboard is something you won’t likely see on your next trip to the skatepark; photo by Caters News Agency.

Back in 2014, designer Matthew Willet created a $15,000 skateboard made almost entirely out of gold for the New York-based skate shop SHUT.

While the board is fully functional, Willet told the Daily Mail that, due to the fact it was made by electroplating solid gold, it weighs roughly 80 percent more than a traditional skateboard

Plus, Willet suggested that the board always be handled with cotton archival gloves, so as not to smudge its mirror finish, meaning it’s not the most convenient skateboard in the world.

The all-terrain skateboard that resembles a tank

In March, a company called Triborg Skateboards started a crowdfunding campaign for their all-terrain, motorized skateboard.

Made out of welded aluminum and looking more like a war machine than a traditional skateboard, the Triborg board boasted it could easily roll over curbs, parking brakes and wet sand in a promotional video for the product.

Unfortunately for Triborg, the public never really embraced their product: The company was only able to raise a grand total of $33 after a monthlong Kickstarter campaign.

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