Sixty Seconds: Heath Kirchart

If you could motorcycle across an unknown country with anyone in the world
Steve McQueen
Last time you felt buyer's remorse

I just spent 300 bucks on some Bose speakers.
Favorite Hollywood moment
I haven't really had one yet.
The most ridiculous thing you've been asked to sign
A dude's underwear.
A talent you'd like to have other than skating
I don't know. Cooking?
Who you'd like to play in a game of poker
Anyone I could beat. Who would I like to sit down and play with?

A sucker. I wouldn't want to play with a professional, that's for sure.
What inspires you?
PJ Ladd's Coliseum part.

Greatest fear
Going broke. Going broke and getting fat.
Best Josh Beagle experience
I've got a lot, but I don't remember a lot of them. Probably when he put shoe polish on his face and tried to make himself look black.
Last time you had a black eye
Two months ago. Skating. I fell on my face twice in one session.
Last time you were in a fistfight
Probably a year ago. I was drunk and someone said "Hi" to me. He had a mohawk and I thought he looked pretty stupid. It wasn't a real fight. I mean, punches were thrown, but no one really got hurt.
The world ends tomorrow, what will you do today?
I'd go to Vegas. I'd go nuts in Vegas. They have the best food there, among other things.