Staff Blog: Anthony Van Engelen Videos

Whenever I’m looking for a little extra push, or a little spark to go skate I can usually count on calling upon some video parts or photos from a handful of classic skateboarders to get reinvigorated to learn new tricks, or maybe just push a little harder for the old standbys. Anthony Van Engelen is one such individual.

From back in the days of rolled up wind pants all the way to his current Vans working man, he’s skated fast and never settled for just nicking a ledge on a grind. He’ll hit the whole thing or go straight up and over to get on a rail, a trend he may have helped popularized with his Photosynthesis part.

AVE looks angry when he skates, and I enjoy that. I like when people don’t always play nice, or when they skate like there’s something more at stake. AVE’s skating has all that and more, so if you’re looking for a kick in the pants, or maybe just a sweet Anthony Van Engelen video part you haven’t seen before, here are some random YouTube finds for your enjoyment.

In addition to these video parts, Chrome Ball Incident has an in depth back log of photos, ads, and interviews from us and the other mags, so check that out, and if you can get your hands on a copy of his Transworld interview from right around the time when Mind Field came out, definitely give his interview a read. The dude has been through some shit, and it’s always refreshing when people are willing to open up and share the hell they’ve experienced so maybe the rest of us don’t have to tread the same path or make the same mistakes.

Words: Christian Senrud

Vans Day in the Life

Alien Workshop Photosynthesis

411VM Best of Rookies

The DC Video

Vans Commercial

If you’re wondering where his Mind Field part is, it’s on the DVD. Throw it in your player or head down to your local shop to pick up a copy.