Staff Pick: Scumco & Sons Shred Weapons and Garments

Staff pick by: Christian Senrud, Associate Editor
Product Description:
Quality American made goods from the East Coast. Scumco & Sons hasn’t been around very long but they have already made a strong presence for themselves through hand-screened original graphics and garments. It’s a company where you definitely get extra bang for your buck every time, whether it’s with the free whoopie cushion or pack of smokes from their limited edition conceptual decks, or just knowing that you’re directly supporting some DIY efforts, doing it how they like when no one else is.

The boards skate great and are still made in America which not too many companies can still claim these days. The clothes fit how they’re supposed to and don’t fall apart. Scumco also has a sick team of underground rippers from around the US. It’s all high quality and affordable and definitely a 5 star product. Support.

Company: Scumco & Sons
Product: Shred weapons and Garments
Product description (from left to right):
Full Flavor #21: Available in all sizes from 7 7/8ths to 8 1/2
Rinky Dink Senior Deluxe: 7 7/8ths at widest spot, 31 1/2 long, 6 3/4 nose, 6 1/2 tail. Various exotic hardwoods bottom veneers.
Smooth and Mild #19: Dyed veneers under a full dip. Available in all sizes from 7 7/8ths to 8 1/2. Comes with a pack of Scumco Strikes.
Riff-Raff Commander and Offspring: Available in 7 3/4, 8, 8 1/4, 8 1/2. Comes with miniature cardboard rocket kit.
Slide-N-Sniff: Printed with scratch-n-sniff scented ink, smells like shit when you slide it. Dyed layers under a full dip. Available in all sizes from 7 7/8ths to 8 1/2.

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