Stereo skateboards Retro Vinyl Cruiser

Like a blast from the past with the banana boards of the ’70’s this stylish little skate brings back what it means to just cruise.

Owners Jason Lee and Chris Pastras started out riding these bad boys in the late ’70’s and they are bringing them back in a big way.

Coming atchya in 6 different colors and complete with stickers and sunglasses.

Take a ride with guys like Alex Schmidt, Clint Peterson, Chris Pastras and more, everywhere from Cali to Oz in video’s below:

And to get your very own Go HERE

Clint Peterson as he opens up a brand spankin’ new Stereo Vinyl Cruiser

Alex Schmidt’s morning run in San Diego

Puppy dogs Mingus and Wizard help Stereo co-owner Chris Pastrason a cruise

Tommy Fynn, joined by Aussie Stereo rider Steve McInnes, along St. Kilda beach in Melbourne, Oz

And a dusk cruise through Brooklyn with Chris Pastras