Street League preview: fantasy advice

The 2011 edition of Rob Dyrdek’s Street League kicks off this weekend at the Key Arena in Seattle with the finals on Sunday May 8th being broadcasted live on ESPN at 4 p.m. ET/I p.m. PT. After you finish watching the NBA playoffs, switch it over to ESPN for the finals because the 2nd year of the league promises to be epic as the skaters compete with more on the line.

Street League features skateboarders battling it out for the most prize money in history with a prize purse of $1.6 million on the line. The contest showcases a real-time instant scoring format that allows viewers to follow the action from the first trick to the very last.

This unique format for skateboarding was a success last year; straying from the normal jam format you see at most street contests. It also plays out much better to a live audience and television broadcast.

With all that said, it’s time to breakdown what really matters; picking the skaters on your fantasy skate team who have a chance to make an impact and win the history making prize purse while putting some cash in your pocket.

If you’re not on the Fantasy bandwagon yet, there’s still time to head over to Fantasy Action Sports league by May 7th and select your team wisely for the event.

You may or may not want to pay attention to our advice, but nonetheless here it is:

First off, the skater we think will win this years Street League is Chris Cole. How could you bet against this guy? Last year he finished in the top 5 with what was considered an off year for him. If he’s able to avoid distractions with the quest for four straight Maloof Money Cups and the million-dollar bonus, Cole is no doubt a title contender.

Chaz Ortiz is another guy we expect great things of this year. Chaz would have won last year if it weren’t for some questionable decisions to go for it when he should have been playing it safe. This guy has everything in the book as well as the ability to be consistent which in this format is crucial.

Defending champion Nyjah Huston should not be ignored. He won the inaugural Street League and here’s no reason why he can’t win this year. He’s comfortable on the main stage, as well as with the live scoring format.

We know what you are thinking these picks are not revolutionary, and we agree but these are the top three we think will be holding the trophy in the end. That being said don’t count out a hand full of guys who have a shot at winning this years title.

If you follow skateboarding then you know the legend Marc Johnson. He’s a legend for a reason although he’s not the most motivated when it comes to having to land a trick to get a score, but if for some reason he’s motivated he has a shot to win, he’s one of the best skaters out there.

And then there’s Torey Pudwill, he seems to win every best trick competition out there. If he starts landing those when it counts and on a consistent basis, there’s no reason why his name won’t be on top after it’s all said and done.

For more advice on your fantasy team head over to Skateboarder Mag who actually spoke with the skaters who know what they’re talking about.