Taking on a gnarly downhill longboard run without putting hands down; video

Downhill longboarding on a steep road with a 14-percent grade called “Bear’s Guts” in Slovenia already sounds like a task meant for the best of the best. But add in the small fact that there is to be no putting down hands at any time during runs, and that sounds like a death wish.

But that’s exactly what the Red Bull No Paws Down event was. Bear’s Guts itself looks like an extremely tricky road with multiple hairpin turns across nearly 2.5 miles. With speeds reaching upwards of 50-miles-per-hour, not being able to put your hands down at those speeds was a triumphant task for the 72 competitors in the event.

Using your hands is pretty much a necessity at those speeds going around corners. To keep everyone honest, duct tape was placed on all the riders palms, and if it showed any signs of sliding with your hands you were automatically out.

Eventually won by Dominic Schenk, he proved that he is best adept at going no hands down some serious runs.

A tandem run at the Red Bull No Paws Down.

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