Tampa Pro 2008 This Weekend!

Eric Koston with a nollie crook. Photo: Rob Meronek

It’s that time of year again. Be sure to check out the skateboarder’s skate contest, everyone will be there, if they’re not, they’re lagging. If your in the area or planning on going, here’s the schedule, for more information got to www.skateparkoftampa.com

Thursday, March 20thCuban Club
– 12pm – 6pm – Open Am and Pro Vert Practice

Friday, March 21st

Skatepark of Tampa
– 9am – Doors Open
– Tickets are $10 and available at Skatepark of Tampa & skateparkoftampa.com
– Open Pro Street Practice all day
– 3pm Riders’ Meeting
– 12pm – Team Manager/Industry VIP Street Contest
– 8pm – Doors Close

Cuban Club/Ybor City – 10am – 4pm – Open Am and Pro Vert Practice
– 4pm – Open Am Practice
– 5pm – Am Vert Qualifiers
– Two, 45-second runs, best counts
– Top 10 advance to Finals
– Am Vert Finals
– Three, 45-second runs, best counts
– 8pm – The Heritage Art Show featuring Neil Blender, Mark Gonzales, and Lance Mountain is on Friday night during Tampa Pro 2008. It`s on March 22, 2008 at 8pm. If you have any clue at all, you`d be willing to lay down loot to get into this show. It`s free so you don`t need to worry about that. See you there

Wednesday, February 27, 2008′, WIDTH, 150);”> Heritage Art Show Reception
– Featuring Lance Mountain, Mark Gonzales, and Neil Blender
– All Ages/Free

Saturday, March 22nd

Skatepark of Tampa
– 9am – Doors Open
– Tickets are $10 and available at Skatepark of Tampa & skateparkoftampa.com
– 11am – Pro Street Qualifiers Begin
– Two, 50-second runs, best counts
– Top 30 advance to Semi-Finals
– Top two Golden Ticket spots go directly to Finals
– 6pm – Doors Close

Cuban Club/Ybor City
– 12pm – 6pm – Heritage Art Show
– Gallery open for free during specified times
– 12pm – 6pm – Open Pro Vert Practice
– Free to spectators until 5pm
– 6pm – ?Six Pack? Pro Vert Contest
– “Six Pack” of your favorite tricks
– Six back-to-back combo of tricks
– Anything goes, five runs
– Three set-up walls max to start run
– Rider must indicate what wall or trick they are going to start with
– One rebate is permitted during set-up walls
– This is a bonus in case rider falls prior to first trick of their “Six Pack”
– There are no rebates once the first trick from the “Six Pack” is cracked open
– If rider falls prior to sixth wall, the run is over
– Every run is scored even if rider doesn’t make all six walls
– It is possible that a rider can make the Finals by landing less than six walls considering the high caliber of skating anticipated
– Best run counts
– Second highest run will be used as a tie-breaker
– Top five skaters advance to Finals
– Finals
– 20-minute jam with the same format as Qualifiers
– At the end of 20 minutes, each skater will get three final runs
– 8pm – Pro Party 2008
– Band of Horses and Special Guest Kimya Dawson
– Tickets for Pro Vert and Pro Party are $10
– Available at Skatepark of Tampa, TicketMaster, and skateparkoftampa.com
Join us for Band of Horses with special guest Kimya Dawson on Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008′, WIDTH, 150);”> – Check out the flyer

Sunday, March 23rd (LIVE WEBCAST!)

Skatepark of Tampa
– 9am – Doors Open
– Tickets are $10 and available at Skatepark of Tampa and skateparkoftampa.com
– 12pm – Pro Street Semi-Finals
– Two, one-minute runs, best counts
– Top 10 advance to Finals
– Almost a Moat Race
– Pro Street Finals
– Top 12 get three, one-minute runs, best counts
– Silver Trucks Best Trick on all handrails in front of Judging Platform
– Giant Product Toss
– 6pm (approx.) – Awards
– 8pm – Contest After-Party at Rock N Sports Bar
– Upstairs Centro Ybor
– 2 for 1 drafts
– 10% off food ALL WEEK with Skatepark plastic wristband

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