Testing bulletproof glass skateboard goes better than regular glass board; video

The crew at Braille Skateboarding is known for their willingness to try any concept skateboard out there. From glow in the dark boards to one’s made out of Legos, they give anything a go.

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Their latest test-run is a redemption of sorts with a glass skateboard. Earlier this summer they broke a glass skateboard, but the folks at Invizaboard have given Braille one that is supposedly bulletproof glass.

Aaron Kyro is initially very gun shy about another glass skateboard, and understandably so. But the board is a thing of beauty as they unpack it and Kyro eventually rolls around the park on it.

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Once he finally drops in on a little quarterpipe, it’s evident that the board will probably be alright. They progressively build up to tricks and eventually are not even concerned that it breaking is even an option.

While it’s a bit slippery (it doesn’t have grip tape), the see-through quality and durability make it one of their coolest “Skate Everything” tests they’ve ever done.

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