The making of the groundbreaking ‘Revenge of the Beasts’

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A few weeks ago filmmaker Sebastian Linda released a mind-blowing skate video called “Revenge of the Beasts.”  Vimeo chose it as a staff pick and audiences were left wondering, “How the hell did he do that?” Now, to answer that question, he’s put out a piece that documents the process of making the groundbreaking film over the course of a single weekend. Instead of using jibs, dollies, or digital rotoscoping to get his moving shots, Linda and his team simply moved high-speed cameras by hand and flipped them around. He makes the whole process of achieving this look way too easy. He even let his talent and crew sleep during the day so they would be fresh to work in the dawn and evening light. For anyone looking to do innovative action sports filmmaking, this is seven minutes and 30 seconds of gold.