The Photog

As an action sports photographer, you never know where your photos will end up: in an ad, framed in a gallery, featured in a magazine, or maybe just pasted on your parents fridge with little magnets….but on goggles and a helmet??? Well that’s exactly where you can find some of Tal Roberts photos for Smith Optics on three goggle styles. The I/O (pictured), the Fuse, and the Prodigy…And two helmets, the Holt and the Variant. They’re called the “Photog” and its Pretty damn cool stuff.

Tal’s work has been featured in many mags like The Skateboard Mag , Ride Bmx, and scattered through internet websites and blogs He has shot at contests like the Maloof Money cup and the Protec Pool Party.
He’s gotta website up you should check it out, ya never know where his stuff might show up next….

Here’s some pics of his work: Check ’em all out on his website.

For more pics check out out his stuff here and here